Side projects are important in our line of work. They sharpen our skills and sometimes they can even take off and lead our career in a new direction. But seeing people create these amazing projects over a weekend can be demotivating as a junior developer. "How can they do that when I'm five days deep into a todo app? What do they have that I'm missing?"

The answer might be a disappointment to some, but often it is because they have 10+ years more experience than you do. But don't let this demotivate you! You don't lack intelligence, you just have more experience.

If you want more advice on side projects and dealing with the influence of others, then listen to this episode where Stephan Meijer chats about how he switched from an architecture career into tech, side projects, and how to be true to yourself and your goals.


  • Take 10 minutes to think about how the advice that you've given to somebody recently may have influenced the direction that they're going in their life.
  • Take 10 minutes to think about how the advice that other people have given you has influenced your own direction and consider whether you're happy with that direction


Guest: Stephan Meijer

Host: Kent C. Dodds