On this show, Chef Alex will debut a mini series here on the Chef Cardinale's Cooking show. We will be doing a Fast Food Friday series where we will be talking about some famous fast foods. Alex will share his personal recipes for fast food! :)

We will debut with Chef Alex's favorite fast food! Chinese food! Everyone loves CHINESE FOOD RIGHT? I certainly do, matter of fact, I could eat it every day! Topics for this show include: Typical ingredients in Chinese food, America's Chinese food vs. Traditional Chinese food, MSG in Chinese food, Alex's favorite chinese food, and finally Alex will share recipes! Alex has a pork fried rice recipe, Chicken finger recipe, Orange Chicken recipe, pork lo mein recipe, and an egg roll recipe plus many other recipes!

Have questions? Call 646-716-6458 dial 1.

Or you can call in to tell Chef Alex what your favorite Chinese food is, and why!