Join the 24 year old passionate cooking and baking loving Chef Alex Cardinale as he hosts the very FIRST Cooking,Baking and Food themed LIVE entertainment Reality and Current Trends talk show right here exclusively on Chef Cardinale Cooking Show , Blogtalkradio, I-tunes and Stitcher radio! This is going to be a show where Chef Alex will be discussing all kinds of Culinary Arts/Food topics that aren't big enough for their own show plus the current food trends and new products being released in the food industry and also there may be some off topic discussions going on. You can also expect some special guests from time to time!

This will be a twice a month show that will be very exciting and fun!


~ What made me want Culinary Arts as my vocation in Vocational High School

~ Who are my Mentors? Which Chefs do I look up too?

~ What are my favorite cooking tv shows

~ A BIG Announcement regarding something I've never done before

~ Special Guest: Food Lover, Recipe Artist Christine Kish

Former Friend of the Chef Cardinale Cooking Show will return after 4 or 5 years to discuss what she has been up too!

And 2 or 3 recipes to be shared LIVE!