Chef Alex will be doing his 7th restaurant review show on this show. Alex brings back the restaurant review show after a long Month  of not doing one!!!!!! Our last restaurant review show was on a local Chinese take out restaurant Wong Wok! We are going to contiune our take-out restaurant review series as I am going to be reviewing a local Pizzeria in my area. On this show, I am going to review Siano's Pizzeria right here in Springfield, MA. I am literally only 3-5 minutes away from Siano's so I can walk there.  I am going to review the food, the service, the atmosphere, the menu, and I will be giving a general review of Sianos. I am also going to read some customer and public reviews of Siano's pizzera from the local people. If you are from Springfield MA, and you have eaten at Siano's I want your review. Please call in at 646-716-6458 with your review on the food, service, and more. Share anything you want about Sianos. If you are not from Sianos call in and tell us about your favorite pizzeria.
Happy Halloween 2013!!