House Wind "Afternoon Butterfly" - Great Art Is Our Weapon Of Choice: Melodies for Prepared Guitar, Vol. 4
Big Blood "1000 Times" - Quarantunes Series No​.​027
Current 93 "Sadness Song" - Thunder Perfect Mind
Andre Ethier "Are You Going" - Further Up Island
Quasi "When The Going Gets Dark" - When The Going Gets Dark
Diamondtown "Dream All Day" - Diamondtown
Goodbye Honolulu "Over and Over" - Goodbye Honolulu
Uyemi "Moving Quietly" - Butterfly Effect
Touch & Moves "2wo Minutes Hate (feat. Tachichi)" - 1984
Cage "Grand Ole Party Crash" - Hell's Winter
KEMETRIX "Ktrix Machine" - Here and Now
Prettybwoy "Brontides" - Tayutau
DJ Lycox "Eu Mbora Dou Bue Show" - LYCOXERA
Julianna & Matias Aguayo "Micelio" - Que Si El Mundo
Sarah Davachi & Sean McCann "Keep Outside the Night" - Mother of Pearl
Geo Rip "Tooni" - Geo Rip EP