Helado Negro "There Must Be a Song Like You" - Far In
Grouper "Unclean Mind" - Shade
Mirroring "Silent From Above" - Foreign Body
Sam Lynch "Garden" - Little Dissapearance
Afternoon Bike Ride "It's Alright" - Afternoon Bike Ride
Stanley Brinks "Winner Of The Night" - Plastic Kettle
Jessica Moss "Contemplation II" - Phosphenes
Absolutely Free "Interface" - Aftertouch
Central Heat Exchange "Tulips At My Bedside" - Central Heat Exchange
Wine Lips "Eyes" - Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party
Patricia Kokett "PSY" - Second Wave V/A
X Club "Turning A Blind Eye To This Nonsense" - ACTIVE DENIAL SYSTEMS
Kelman Duran "NIGHT IN TIJUANA" - Night In Tijuana
Liquid Son "Tonefloat" - Garden of Eden