Time to celebrate our 100th show. It’s been quite a “Journey.” We toot some horns (mostly our own)and reminisce with some previous show flashbacks. We also meet some of the most famous classical music composers as they join in the festivities. ‘Cause there ain’t no party like a Beethoven doing Jagerbombs party. Party on Ludwig!

Flash back to the original podcast logo 

Party music from the best DJs in the biz:

  • Italo House Pavarotti/Bocelli/Jovanotti REMIX #6 2015 by dj SRONYX el toro loco
  • Bach Remix by R.S.D.
  • Classical Techno – Vivaldi 2000 (club mix)
  • Mozart – Lacrimosa (DnB Remix)
  • Journey – Open Arms 
  • Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’ (MYNGA Remix) Sensual Musique

Audio production by Todd “Me” Hulslander with strange absences from Dacia Clay and editing by Mark “We’re number one” DiClaudio.