It’s the first of April and we are welcoming a special guest (believe us: you will know him when you hear him). He introduces us to a fascinating mix of early music and Renaissance era instruments and performs examples of how each sounds.

Music in this episode:

  • Songs From The Labyrinth, by Sting
    • Walsingham – John Dowling, composer /perf – Edin Karamazov and Sting
    • Come Again – John Dowling, composer/ perf – Edin Karamazov and Sting
  • The Art of the Bawdy Song, Baltimore Consort featuring Merry Companions
    • Pox on you for a fop
    • Cuckolds all a-row
    • I gave her cakes and I gave her ale

The blame and audio production credit for this episode lie with Todd “Totally Redonk” Hulslander, with assistance from Mark DiClaudio and head shaking from Dacia Clay.