Okay, I lied last week: Producer Todd is still working on the new Two Star Symphony album (for which we are pretty darn excited). But! Never fear: We have unearthed a timely gem from the vault to keep you busy until next week, when we will really for real have a new episode for you. Please enjoy!

PS, The info about the Mozart Festival at the end of this episode is outdated. However, you can still find tons of information over at www.themozartfestival.org. —————————–

Mozart’s death, on December 5, 1791, is still so mysterious over two centuries later, that we couldn’t help but do a Research Presentation about it. In this short, we explore why his death is an unsolved mystery, and why we’re still so fascinated by it. Intweeged? Hit play to find out more!

Audio production by Todd “Sir Toddfried” Hulslander with much brow furrowing and consternation by Dacia Clay.