In an episode first aired December 4, 2017: DJ Andrew Sandoval presents VOLUME 3 of Come To The Wintertime - 40 seasonal sounds from the sixties, including music by The Hep Stars; Zion DeGallier; Chris & Peter Allen; Ronny & The Daytonas; The Boys Next Door; The Beach Boys; The Happenings; Margo Guryan; The Royal Guardsman, The Brothers; Cream; Bobby Goldsboro; Brian Hyland; The Wailers; Saturday's Children; Bob Morrison; Sagittarius; The 4 Seasons; The Knickerbockers; The American Revolution; The Soul Survivors; Society's Children; The Household; The Chicago Loop; Nino Tempo & April Stevens; Fountain Of Youth; Harpers Bizarre; The Cryan' Shames; Simon & Garfunkel; Benjamin Carry Ltd.; Jan & Lorraine; Toast; The Eighth Day; The Tokens; Winston's Fumbs; The Blades Of Grass; The Roman Rebellion; The Barracuda; Attic Sounds; The Iveys; The Ronettes; Beverly & Cary Grant.