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In an episode first aired on September 23, 2019: DJ Andrew Sandoval presents 1960's 45s by The Electric Elves; The Rising Sons; Spice Of Life; The Applejacks; Ian & The Zodiacs; Alan David; The Arbors; The Fifth Estate; The Chicago Loop; Raga & The Talas; The Tygers; The Tikis; The I'des Of March; M.P.D. Limited; The Royal Guardsmen; Sonny Curtis; Ronnie Burns; Spring Fever; J.J. Cale and The Why Four.

In the Sunshine artist spotlight, Andrew explores the Los Angeles studio group, The Hondells. Hear wonderful creations by Gary Usher, Mike Curb, Nick Venet and all manner of two-wheel bike, honda infused music (including rare jingles created for/by the group).