In an episode first aired June 22, 2020: DJ Andrew Sandoval presents the fourth edition of his Summer themed shows - Summer 4 Sunshine. Artists include Freddy Cannon; Ronny & The Daytonas; The Rumbles, Ltd.; The Joneses; Roman Rebellion; The Emporium Of Sound; Paul & Barry; The Eighth Day; The Human Instinct; The Cradle; Shades Of Blue; Michael Leslie; Linzer & Randell; Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas; Cat Stevens; The Turtles; Jan & Dean; The Life Guards; The Fortunes; The Monkees; Bill Soden; The Intricate Blend; The Music Machine; Fever Tree; The Kinks; The Royal Guardsmen; The Weekends; The New Colony Six; The Sugar Canyon; Just Us; Tuesday's Children; Bill Fay; The Rhythm Rockets; The Unusuals and Spanky & Our Gang. Plus in the album spotlight, selections from Skeeter Davis' 1966 concept album, Singin' In The Summer Sun.