First broadcast September 1, 2008, "Come To The Sunshine" #46 surveys 40 MONO 45's all released by the Columbia label from October 1965 through January 1970. Played in order of release by host Andrew Sandoval, the selections are all spun from the original vinyl!

Artists featured include:

Dion & The Wanderers/Paul Revere & The Raiders/The Musics/The Sparrow/Bob Dylan/December's Children/Chad & Jeremy/Simon & Garfunkel/The Fourth Dimension/The International Submarine Band/The Black Sheep/The Peanut Butter Conspiracy/Smokey & his Sister/Artie Schroeck/Keith Allison/The Magicians/The Sting-rays of Newburgh/Gene Clark/The Cyrkle/The Byrds/The Marshmellows/Sagittarius/ Moby Grape/The Wild Life/The Plebeian Rebellion/ Linzer & Randell/The Surprise Package/Gerry Marsden/ Ops 'n Pops/The Rooney Brothers/Donna Marie/The Harbingers/The Spiral Staircase/Barbara Streisand/The Millennium/The Avant-garde/Bob Dileo/The Don Meehan Project/Saturday's Photograph/John Barry

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