In an episode first aired on April 1, 2013, "Come To The Sunshine" episode #85 features vinyl singles from host Andrew Sandoval's travels in the Pacific Northwest including sides by: Sounds Of Modification; The City Zu; The Convention; Peter Courtney; Peter's Pipers; The Five Americans; The Crackerjack Society; Don & The Goodtimes; Mr. Lucky and The Gamblers; The Pipe Dream; The Gordian Knot; Bobby And I; The Velvet Crest; The Free Reign; Christopher; Harmony Grass; Lee Raymond; Grains Of Sand; The Chocolate Tunnel; The Gentle Soul.

In part two of the program the Sunshine artist spotlight focuses on the work of that talented Chicago combo, The Cryan' Shames. An hour of rare mono mixes (including cuts from the unavailable on CD Sugar & Spice and A Scratch In The Sky albums) show the band's phases of garage, folk rock, pop and psychedelia.