Anne Saxelby is back on Cutting the Curd! Though broadcasting at a brand new time (Friday’s at 4:00pm), it’s same cheesy show! This week’s guest is Homa Dashtaki of The White Moustache, a father/daughter business that produces yogurt made by local milk from the Brougiere Farm Fresh Dairy. They use only whole milk and a yogurt base, taken from a previous batch of yogurt which makes really thick all natural creamy yogurt. Hear about some of the challenges they face as a small dairy producer in terms of regulations and permits and discover why their yogurt-making process ensures that the final product is as natural and delicious as possible! This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market.

“This tiny little seed of an idea that’s been there in our back pocket is taking off like a runaway train!” [4:00]

“This has given me an opportunity to connect with my folks as people and collaborate on something that’s outside of the dynamic we have.” [7:00]

–Homa Dashtaki from The White Moustache on Cutting the Curd