Learn all about “the art of butter” on a creamy episode of Cutting the Curd, as Anne Saxelby returns to the airwaves to chat with Susan Bruss of Olli’s Farm and Creamery in beautiful Hartwick, New York. From the 1800’s until about 30 years ago, the farm had been an outstanding dairy farm. With Susan’s wonderful cultured butters, she hopea to bring it back to its former glory. Hear how she takes fresh cream and turns it into a blissful mound of Olli’s Handcrafted Cultured Butter- an American comfort food, for sure. If you’re interested in small farming setups or butter in general – press play! This program was sponsored by our good friends at Academie Opus Caseus.

“I caught on to cultured butter and never let go of it!” 03:00

“Butter is one of those foods affected by everything it surrounds. There’s nothing like fresh butter.” 05:00

“Cow comfort is extremely necessary in any milk production.” [11:00]

–Susan Bruss of Olli’s Farm and Creamery on Cutting the Curd