Lauren Melodia aims to link New York dairy farmers and high incarceration rates with her organization, Milk Not Jails. This week on Cutting the Curd, Anne Saxelby sits down with Lauren, founder and co-organizer, to talk about the prison system in New York, and how it connects the urban with the rural. How do prisons bolster New York’s rural economy? Find out how government support for dairy farms as opposed to prisons creates a sustainable economy. Learn how a lack of processing and bottling plants limits production for small dairy farmers. Find out what Milk Not Jails aims to do to support local dairy farmers and help reform the prison system simultaneously. This program has been sponsored by White Oak Pastures. Thanks to Pamela Royal for today’s musical interlude.

“The processing world has shut its doors to farmers who want to be entrepreneurial in their industries.” [25:15] — Lauren Melodia on Cutting the Curd