On this week’s special episode of Cutting the Curd, host Diane Stemple speaks with Gordon Edgar, author of Cheesemonger: A Life on the Wedge. Gordon Edgar is a cheesemonger based in San Francisco, California. He has been selling and working with cheese since 1994, at San Francisco’s largest grocery store. His latest book, Cheesemonger: A Life on the Wedge, is the highly readable story of Gordon’s unlikely career as a cheesemonger at San Francisco’s worker-owned Rainbow Grocery Cooperative. With a refreshingly unpretentious sensibility, Edgar intertwines his own life story with his ongoing love affair with cheese, and offers readers an unflinching, highly entertaining on-the-ground look at America’s growing cheese movement. Learn more bout Gordon, his craft, and the book on this episode of Cutting the Curd! This program has been sponsored by Consider Bardwell Farm.

“In the end the cheese always does the talking.”

“Early death is not likely to come as a result of eating fancy cheese.”

Gordon Edgar in his book, Cheesemonger: A Life on the Wedge