On today’s “Book Review” edition of Cutting the Curd, host Diane Stemple reviews “One Hour Cheese” by Claudia Lucero, owner of Urban Cheesecraft – a DIY cheesemaking company. With 16 recipes for making cheese in under an hour – from “creamy and spreadable” to “firm and chewy” to “melty and gooey” – Claudia very clearly and concisely describes the science and essentials needed to make simple and delicious cheeses at home. This program was brought to you by The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

“I kept thinking we need a true beginner’s book and we need a lot of photos. I think people really enjoyed seeing the steps and seeing if the curd is right, what does whey really look like, what’s normal.”

“If you are skeptical, stop right now, make this really simple cheese. You’re going to have a snack within a half an hour!”

Claudia Lucero on Cutting the Curd