We're back this week to tackle the who, what, when, where and why of the second half of our 1981 Year in Review Part 2!

July of 1981 is a strong month for the rock genre. Strong efforts include releases by Foreigner, Def Leppard, and the Ramones. Additionally, some great under the radar albums by Demon and New England help bolster and already solid month.

The month of August is a busy one in news and pop culture. The launch of MTV on August 1st is a landmark moment that's about to turn the music world on its head. Also taking place in August of 1981, John Lennon assassin Mark David Chapman is sentenced. Furthermore, a fantastic musical release by Brad Whitford and Derek St. Holmes is getting attention.

1981 Year in Review Part 2

September of 1981 is filled with great rock music as well as a shocking personnel change. The month is marked with solid outings by Triumph, Grand Funk Railroad, Michael Schenker Group, KIX, and Alice Cooper. Additionally, Iron Maiden do the unthinkable and switch lead singers right as the band is beginning its ascent.

The music news for October of 1981 includes a young Prince being boo'd off the stage while opening for the Rolling Stones. Also, music piracy is on the radar as the "Home Taping is Killing Music" campaign is launched. Music releases for October include new solo material from Ozzy Osbourne as well as a big release from his previous band, Black Sabbath. Notably, KISS venture into uncharted waters with a new look and a strange concept album.

Hollywood death gripped the United States in November of 1981. Famed actress Natalie Wood tragically drowns while on a boat ride with two other notable thespians. Mystery continues to surround the case. Also of note, porn star John Holmes is arrested, and later acquitted, in the Laurel Canyon "Wonderland" murders. Additionally, November of 1981 is highlighted by big releases from Motley Crue and AC/DC.

All of this is covered this week as well as classic commercials in our 1981 Year in Review Part 2! We hope you enjoy and SHARE with a friend!

1981 Year in Review Part 1 HERE

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