Producer and longtime friend of Ace Frehley, Crazy Joe Renda stops by to share Ace Stories about everyone's favorite spaceman. Joe first came to prominence in KISS fan circles with the novelty song, 'Eugene' released under the moniker of Crazy Joe & The Variable Speed Band. The song would go down in KISSTORY as Ace Frehley's first musical project outside of the band as he's a co-writer and co-producer of the song. Joe also founded and ran North Lake Sound studio in White Plains, NY along with fellow songwriter Chip Taylor (known for ' Wild Thing', 'Rock Soldiers' and 'Angel of the Morning'). Joe is also the producer for prank phone call legends The Jerky Boys.

Ace Stories with Crazy Joe Renda

In this long-form conversation, Joe shares some incredible stories of hanging out with Ace Frehley and being around the business of KISS. Stories of the interpersonal relationships between Ace and the other members of the band are shared including the dynamic between the "2 camps" of Simmons and Stanley vs Criss and Frehley. Also included are Joe's recollections of Ace's decision to quit KISS and how Gene Simmons pleaded with Joe to attempt to keep Ace on as a member of the band. Other stories involving a testy meeting between Peter Criss and Eric Carr, loads of stories of Ace truly being a rock  n' roll wild man and so much more including the story of how 'Eugene' was created and how it connects to KISS (not in the way you would expect). It's an hour-plus of jaw dropping stories about Jendell's favorite son. We hope you enjoy Ace Stories with Crazy Joe Renda and SHARE with a friend!



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Great podcast

in iTunes by John 77 from USA on July 20, 2016        

I've been listening to the Decibel Geek podcast for the past few years. Chris and Aaron have done so many fantastic interviews with musicians that respect and admire. I am a big Kiss fan that especially enjoys the Kissmas in July episodes. The Decibel Geek is definitely one of my absolute favorite podcasts out of all of the podcasts that I listen to. Keep up the great work Chris and Aaron. John in Central California        

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