We're blessed to be joined by Tommy Skeoch this week as he reflects on the Tesla classic 'Psychotic Supper.' Coming on the heels of the successful 'Five Man Acoustical Jam' album, Tesla hit the studio in New York playing with house money. The recent success afforded them free reign to create an album devoid of record company pressure. The band went to work with producers Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero. The resulting album is a sonic platter of greatness. Psychotic Supper sounds as fresh today as it did in 1991.

Boasting five successful singles including What You Give, Edison's Medicine, Song and Emotion, and Call It What You Want, Psychotic Supper achieved platinum status.  In this long-form discussion, Tommy Skeoch shares his memories of the making of this great album. Track by track, story by story; you'll get it all.

We also get the inside track on Tommy's new band Resist and Bite. Putting the finishing touches on material, the band will soon be shopping for a label. In the meantime, we're giving you a sneak peak with podcast world premier of the song The Myth I'm Livin.'

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