July may be over but KISSmas isn't as we time travel to another dimension with Alternate KISStory.

Imagine, if you will, KISStory playing out differently. Imagine that certain albums were never released. Imagine the original band splitting up at a different time; and the subsequent solo efforts. Imagine certain replacement members never entering the picture and a reunion tour happening at a completely different time. Imagine a reunion album being released in a different era. It's interesting to think about and that's what we did. Thanks to a brilliant idea by Aaron Camaro and a fully-fleshed out alternate history, we present to you what might have taken place in a different dimension. Different, but still plausible.

Additionally, Chris and Aaron will reveal their idea for a reunion album by KISS in a much different era. You'll get the album title and tracklist. Also, be sure to check the Decibel Geek social media pages for reveals of their album artwork!

We'd love to hear your thoughts on Alternate KISStory, how you think it would have differed, and what YOUR picks would be for a reunion album from the era mentioned. We hope you enjoy Alternate KISStory and SHARE with a friend!

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