This week we're back with the third installment of Camaro's Cutout Bin! What is Camaro's Cutout Bin? Our host-with-the-most, Aaron Camaro, has a penchant for digging for musical gold in the form of CD's. He regularly combs through record stores, thrift stores, yard sales, etc for great rock and metal. He sometimes finds great stuff from classic bands but often finds relatively obscure bands of which many may have missed the boat. The band name, album name, or cover may speak to him as something that potentially "rocks." What are the results? Listen this week and find out if these ten selected albums made the cut!

In this edition of the cutout bin, you'll hear tracks from Electric Frankenstein, Penicillin, Two-Bit Thief, Jesse's Powertrip, The Power Trio from Hell, The Camaros, Jet Circus, Ambush, and Radiovipers. Aaron and Chris go over the bands, their stories, and check out some of the music. Does it rock? Did it make Aaron's playlist? You'll have to listen to find out!

We hope you enjoy Camaro's Cutout Bin vol3 and SHARE with a friend!

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