We're back this week with the long-awaiting second volume of Camaro's Cutout Bin! Aaron Camaro is always on the hunt. His journey's to record stores, thrift stores, yardsales, and more have resulted in a CD collection in the thousands. Aaron has rolled the dice on a ton of CD's over the years. An album or artist may not be familiar but if it looks like it might possibly rock, he'll pick it up.

Camaro's Cutout Bin

Camaro's Cutout Bin Vol2 features songs from some of these blind album picks. We defy our listeners to say they've heard of any of these bands. If you have, let us know! This episode features music from artists such as Tsar, Black Lipstick, Deep Jimi and the Zep Creams, Young Heart Attack, The Hellhounds, Diamond Dog, Pig Pen, Detroit, and Peter Blast.

If you're into music discovery, you're gonna love this episode. Thanks for listening and SHARE with a friend!

Camaro's Cutout Bin Vol1

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