This week we kick of the 2014 edition of KISSMAS in July. During these next four weeks we'll be focusing solely on KISS-releated episodes and talking to KISS-related guests; and today's is a good one!


Sher Bach has been in close quarters with the Hottest Band in the Land during different eras of their storied career. Sher was married to a member of NY glitter scene contemporaries The Harlots of 42nd Street. She was also a performer in her own right; working with another New York act; Ruby & the Rednecks. In this long-form discussion, Sher details her memories of the rock scene at the time including her attendance at pivotal shows in KISS' career at venues such as Coventry and the Hotel Diplomat.


A few years later, KISS was on top of the world and churning out enough anthems, toys, and belt buckles to satisfy the population. Her longtime friendship to KISS manager Bill Aucoin strengthened in 1977 when she went to work for Aucoin Management. 

Bill Aucoin


In this discussion, Sher gives details of what it was like to work on the business side of the entertainment industry and how it, pardon the pun, mirrored the rock and roll side in many ways. She also shares her thoughts on how the excesses caught up to Aucoin and cracks started to appear on the surface of the Madison Avenue money machine.


After a couple of shifts in employment, Sher Bach would wind up working in Puerto Rico in the 1980's. In this discussion, she tells Aaron and Chris about KISS' visit to the country during that time, her impressions of Eric Carr, and an interesting story involving Paul Stanley jamming at a small bar.


The Decibel Geek podcast would like to thank Sher Bach for so many great stories from her time around KISS and appreciate her candor. 


Sher Bach currently works with Malla Entertainment Group


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