Decibel Geek is much more than just a weekly podcast. If you don't already know, there are a TON of great articles being put out consistently by our dedicated staff of writers; giving you more hard rock and metal stuff to geek out on on the days between episodes. Many of the articles are inspired by song choices from Aaron and Chris that are featured on the episodes. There are also a number of reviews of some of the best new and classic albums being put out regularly.

This week Aaron and Chris shine a spotlight on the great articles being written by the Decibel Geek staff. All song choices were inspired by an article written by a particular staff member. There's quite a bit of great variety in this episode and we hope this will help turn you on to some great new/classic music.

Click on writer's name to read the original article that inspired the song choice. 

Click on the album title to go to Amazon and order!

Andy Lafon:

LaValle – Don’t Cry –Dear Sanity  

The Meister:

Arch Rival - In The Face of Danger –In the Face of Danger  

Kate Campbell:

Queensryche – Fallout –Queensryche   

BJ Kahuna

Hawaii - Escape the Night –Loud, Wild, and Heavy  

Billy Hardaway:

Alter Bridge – Farther than the Sun -Fortress  

Derik Novak:

Stryper - The Rock That Makes Me Roll –Soldiers Under Command  


Bobaflex – Wading Through the Dark –Charlatan's Web  

Cynthia Johnson:

Skid Row - Big Guns –Skid Row  

J. Alexander:

GWAR – Madness at the Core of Time –Battle Maximus  

Wally Gator:

Ace Frehley – Snowblind –Ace Frehley 

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