After two weeks of discussing a British Invasion, we decided this week to discuss another kind of British Invasion and Chris and Aaron are joined by Tim Henderson from for an in-depth discussion of the entire catalog of heavy metal legends Judas Priest.


In this long-form discussion, Aaron, Chris and Tim discuss the recorded output of the iconic Judas Priest catalog; starting with 1974's Rocka Rolla and chronicling each album through 2008's Nostradamus and their hopes for the upcoming album currently being created.


There's a lot of twists and turns in this conversation with each host bringing a different perspective due to differing levels of Priest fandom. We hope die-hard Priest fans enjoy this trip down memory land and we also hope this coversation helps turn on listeners not as familiar with Judas Priest's catalog and hisotry to pick up and discover one of metal's most iconic bands. Enjoy!


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Rocka Rolla

Sad Wings of Destiny

Sin After Sin

Stained Class

Killing Machine

British Steel

Point of Entry

Screaming For Vengeance 

Defenders of the Faith


Ram It Down

Priest Live




Angel of Retribution



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