We're getting cerebral this week while talking about the hottest band in the land as we chat with the authors of KISS and Philosophy; a book that seeks to enlighten you in a rock and roll way.

On the surface, you'd probably think that KISS songs are simply about groupies and having fun. To a point, you'd be right. However, as this book seeks to prove, there are a lot of poignant statements made throughout KISS' lyrical history.

Editor Court Lewis and contributor Matt Alschbach (along with others) provide an interesting case study in the ways that KISS' music parallels philosophy by Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and more. Don't worry, this is no stuffy read; it's written for the layman and carries some great humor throughout. Plus, these guys are died-in-the-wool KISS fans and you'll get lots of cool nuggets throughout.

In this discussion, Matt and Court share their personal KISStories as well as help explain the main points of the book. We had a great time talking to these guys and know you will enjoy listening.  You can pick up KISS and Philosophy: Wiser Than Hell at most major book retailers or direct from Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/KISS-Philosophy-Popular-Culture/dp/0812694910

We hope you enjoy our talk on KISS and Philosophy and SHARE with a friend!

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