We are back this week to give you our take on current rock news with New Noize V2. There are some interesting stories coming from the world of rock and we're going to cover some of our favorites.

Gibson Broke?

Gibson Guitar filed for bankruptcy recently. There are a lot of armchair critics. We're no exception. Listen this week to hear our thoughts on the decision making process of a legendary luthier.

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New Noize V2


Perry, Tyler, and...Spongebob??

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry are nominated for a Tony Award. That's not the weird part. It's in connection to a Spongebob Squarepants musical. Hear our take on this story as well as a discussion on how Spongebob may be the most metal cartoon ever.

Starchild Going Solo Again?

Paul Stanley recently spoke out about the possibility of another solo album as well as his thoughts on doing new music for KISS. Our thoughts on this may surprise you.

Consistent Overkill?

The mean, green killing machine from New Jersey, Overkill, are back at work on another album. In this episode we discuss the amazingly consistent track record of this band; always delivering top flight metal. The followup to The Grinding Wheel is sure to please fans.

All Spectacle and No Substance?

KISS manager Doc McGhee recently ruffled some feathers in the KISS Army with his take that, basically, the band could continue forever due to the fact that they are closer to superheroes than credible bands. His quote seemed to downplay the importance of KISS' musical legacy. Needless to say, we have a few things to say about this.

Head to the Movies?

Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch is headed to the big screen. His new documentary, 'Loud Krazy Love,' will be screened in Dallas and Nashville in May before a wide release in the fall. Part of the promotion for the movie will include Brian making an appearance at the upcoming Nashville Rock n Pod Expo on Saturday August 25, 2018 at the Nashville Palace. He will appear on stage for a panel about the movie and his career as well as an autograph and photo session for fans and recording with various podcasters that will be on-site at the event. More info on the movie can be found HERE and info on the expo and how to gain admission available HERE.

Heavy Metal Mickey Mouse?

In one of the stranger stories from the rock world this week, A new instrumental album of hard-rock covers of classic Disney songs, Disney Super Guitar, has been announced, and it features a jaw-dropping team of world-class guitarists. Zakk Wylde, Paul Gilbert, Orianthi, Phil X, Richie Kotzen, Tak Matsumoto, George Lynch, Mike Orlando, Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal and Jeff Watson all contribute to the album. Each track on Disney Super Guitar features a backing band comprised of guitarist John Bruno, drummer B.J. Zampa, bassist Chris Vescera and keyboardist Michael Vescera, who co-produced the record with the album’s mastermind, producer Death-Rider. Michael Vescera will also be appearing at the Nashville Rock n Pod Expo. More info HERE.

The BIG Announcement!

As we've hyped for the past couple weeks, we have a BIG announcement to make this week. We certainly don't want to spoil the surprise so PLEASE listen first. But, after you listen click HERE for more details on this BIG announcement!

We hope you enjoy New Noize V2 and SHARE with a friend!

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