As music fans, we can sometimes be left dumfounded about certain decisions made by our favorite artists. Never is that more true than the choice of a song selected to be a single from an album. Whether it's the decision of artist, manager, pr, or record company some of these choices can leave one scratching their head. In the event that the singles that are chosen don't perform well at radio, it can cause some serious frustration to listeners that feel a choice of a different single could have made the difference between a hit and a dud.

"Shoulda Been a Single"

This phrase has been echoed by music fans across the globe for decades. Those of us that love hearing full albums, no doubt, have a massive list of songs that they feel qualify with the statement above.

This week Chris & Aaron play record executive and decide which songs they feel could've made a dent at radio if given the chance. Some great songs from artists such as KISS, Cheap Trick, Ramones, Thin Lizzy, Warrant, Tora Tora and many more! Check out Shoulda Been a Single and share with a friend! What songs do you feel "shoulda been a single?" Either comment below or send your list to today!

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Psychonaut - Official Website

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Cheap Trick



Tora Tora

Thin Lizzy

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Chip Z'nuff

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