This week your hosts return to celebrate the early days of one of America's greatest rock n' roll bands as they pick their Top 5 70's Aerosmith Songs!

Top 5 70s Aerosmith Songs


The boys from Boston released an incredible strings of albums during this decade from the self-titled debut to Get Your Wings to Toys in the Attic to Rocks to Draw the Line to Night in the Ruts so the guys had a wide range of awesome material to choose from. We hope you enjoy Top 5 70's Aerosmith Songs and SHARE with a friend!

iTunes Reviews:

Love from the Talk Toomey Podcast
by Tallk Toomey on Mar 13, 2016
RATING: ★★★★★

One of my favorite podcasts. I listen to them weekly and they make the workday go by so much faster. Chris and Aaron will bring up bands that no one has talked about since 1984 and make you remember why you loved them. A definite listen and love the Vinnie Vincent episoides.

I used to like it......
by Lieshcritter on Mar 11, 2016
RATING: ★★★☆☆

Songs about school? Are you kidding me. The last 5 or six episodes have been really boring, please go back to playing cool songs. I don't know, I used to like it. Seems like you're trying news things, but the old ways are more fun to listen too.

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