This week we dive into a time of great change as we pick our Top 5 80's Aerosmith Songs! To describe the decade of the 80's when it comes to the bad boys from Boston is tough. Perhaps, it's best to lean on the reverse of an old analogy of 'in like a lamb, out like a lion.' Although hugely successful in the early to mid 70's, Aerosmith entered the 80's with a thud. The decade-closing 'Night in the Ruts' did little to gain chart position and resulted in Joe Perry's exit from the group. By 1982, even Brad Whitford had had enough and exited the band early in the sessions for 'Rock in a Hard Place' leaving replacement guitarist Jimmy Crespo to shoulder the load.

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Top 5 80's Aerosmith


After finally reuniting in 1985, the band issued 'Done with Mirrors' to another tepid response. However, the fuse was lit for the explosion that would take place in 1986 when genres crossed. Upstart rappers Run DMC collaborated with the band for a cover of Walk this Way that took the world by storm.

1987's 'Permanent Vacation' and 1989's 'Pump' would solidify arguably the biggest comeback story in music history. 

This week Aaron and Chris each pick their favorite 5 songs from the 80's Aerosmith catalog. Be sure to tell us YOUR Top 5 in the comments section!


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