We bet you think that there was plenty of crazy to go around this summer and that you were as unsettled by each day's news as you could be. Nonsense. We live in Trump times where yesterday's inconceivable outrage is wrapping today's fish and we're on to something we didn't even have a word for yesterday. That's not just true in the US either. Britain is reeling from its worst democratic crisis in centuries. The Taliban were coming to visit Camp David until they were not. The CIA pulled an asset from Russia because they didn't trust...the US President. Congress is ramping up impeachment investigations. And for some reason Ivanka dressed like a lily pad when repping the US with the President of Colombia. And Labor Day is just past. We help you prepare with this great back-to-school edition of your favorite pod featuring Rosa Brooks of Georgetown University, IISS's Kori Schake and the Financial Times Ed Luce. Join us!

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