Jesse, Whitney, Meagan, and Geoff of Houston's Days N Daze get down to talk about the trials and tribulations of this most recent Cracktober Fest with Cop/Out and Leftover Crack. We clear up any of the rumors and gossip swirling around about the tour, and talk about how the band has persevered and even thrived through all its more recent struggles. And we get neck deep in what it touring is really like when you live life on the road. Then on the second half of the show we go back to Days N Daze roots and find out how they got started, and how they all ended up together. And we also talk a lil bit about where they all headed now. We talk a healthy amount of shit in the midst of all those crazy ass stories and also manage to find that sobering, shining light behind all the darkness, just as they help us do in their sweet tunes.

PLUS we listen to tunes from Days N Daze, Chad hates George., Murder, and Cop/Out.