Jehiel Winters from NYC’s Winter Wolf gets down to talk about the right-wing riot that invaded the Capitol on on Jan. 6th. We work past the mainstream media’s superficial analysis on this riot as an attack on democracy at large and go deeper to look at the white supremacist roots of this event. We talk about the Trumpian trajectory these fascists have been on for years, and how this minor racist rebellion will likely have major ripples in the days and years to come. On the second half of the show we discuss what all this shit means for us in our daily struggles for justice. We talk about the role the police played and also how we should see the fight to combat these right-wing extremists in relation to the struggle against systematic injustice by the police and the struggle for Black Lives. Don’t fret, we still manage to talk a ton of shit, get attacked multiple times by chickens, and properly explain how this Capitol riot in Gulliani’s Beyond the Thunderdome fantasy gone wild. PLUS we listen to tunes from The Clash, Maafa, Winter Wolf, and All Torn Up!