1. Bill McClintock -My World Is Empty Without You, Maneater (The Supremes v Hall & Oates)
  2. n4hte - I'm Still Maneating (Elton John v Hall & Oates)
  3. Magik Mike - Part Time Maneater (Hall & Oates v Stevie Wonder)
  4. DJ Cutt - Shake It Off, Mickey (Taylor Swift v Toni Basil)
  5. lobsterdust - Walkin' Out Yo Girlfriend (Unk v Avril Lavigne v Toni Basil)
  6. Oliver Norton - Turn It Up, Gloria! (Prince v Laura Branigan)
  7. Static Symphony - Physically Locked Out of Heaven (Dua Lipa v Bruno Mars)
  8. iWillBattle - You're Gonna Go Bad, Romance (Lady Gaga v The Offspring)
  9. Titus Jones - Survive The Dance (Ghost v Metric v Gloria Gaynor)
  10. William Maranci - Another Confession (Celine Dion v Foo Fighters)
  11. ah! - Blurry Me Now (Ouddle of Mudd v Johnny Logan)
  12. Happy Cat Disco - Jump Around the Line (House of Pain v Harry Belafonte)