Mash-Up Monday 4/11/22

After a conversation on a recent episode of Radio Rewind, I was inspired to dig out my old mash up CD-Rs and do something with them. Peoria may not have been ready for this music in the clubs 20 years ago, but let's see how it plays in Peoria now.

This mix was made of more recent tracks and the artists are listed below

  1. Who Fooled Kylie (Kylie Minogue v The Who)
  2. SubMusic (Sex Pistols v Madonna)
  3. iWillBattle - Thot Stuff (Megan Thee Stallion v Limp Bizkit)
  4. Titus Jones - Stronger x4 (Kanye West v Kelly Clarkson v Britney Spears v Kesha)
  5. Vixoria Drift - I Wanna Daisy (Sheryl Crow v Ashnikko)
  6. One Thing 2 Float On (Amerie v Modest Mouse)
  7. ah! - The Way You Used To Drive (Olivia Rodrigo v Queens of the Stone Age)
  8. DJs From Mars & Mo27Da - Stay in Greece 2000 (Kid Laroi & Justin Bieber v 3 Drives On a Vinyl)
  9. Mark J - Brimful of Dogs (Cornershop v Baha Men)
  10. DJ Cummerbund - Hip To Be the Sandman (Metallica v Huey Lewis & the News)
  11. William Maranci - Blink 1-Oddity (Blink182 v David Bowie)