In celebration of The 1975's new album, Being Funny in a Foreign Language, dropping today, here's a full 90 minute mix of some great bastard pop/mashups featuring The 1975. Crank it up and dance

  1. Discosid - Harder Better Faster Stronger Chocolate (v Daft Punk)
  2. Nuky - Settle Sound (v Capital Cities)
  3. Inanimate Mashups - Kitchen Sound (v twenty one pilots)
  4. DJ J-Brew - Dance To the Sound (v Walk the Moon)
  5. Quinn Mashups - The Sound of a Free Woman (v Lady Gaga)
  6. The 1975 Archives - Pressure in the City (v The 1975)
  7. Jonga's Mashup Lounge - Ain't Girls Fun (v Paramore)
  8. MashRed - Addicted (v Shura)
  9. Pockmarx - Rain On Robbers (v Lady Gaga ft Ariana Grande)
  10. Tsunami Aki - Robbers State of Grace (v Taylor Swift)
  11. Sydney Noel - Clean Robbery (V Taylor Swift)
  12. MashupAllDay - Still fallingforyou (v Ellie Goulding)
  13. AchyRoobson - Psychosocial People (v Slipknot)
  14. DJ Andy - People Have Tendencies (v Hollywood Undead)
  15. flipboitamidles - Chocolate Stars (v Smash Mouth)
  16. flipboitamidles - Wannabe Girls (v Spice Girls)
  17. R M - It's Not Living, If It's Not September (v Earth Wind & Fire)
  18. Sam Toop - The Sound of Dreams (v Fleetwood Mac)
  19. Marc Mashups - WEIRD ATTEMPT (v YUNGBLUD)
  20. Lewis Wake - Give Scrubs a Try (v TLC)
  21. Finn, the Autumn - Fine Line Robbers (v Harry Styles)
  22. mlgmasher - Troubled Girls (v Halsey)
  23. 9olicot - Somebody Else's Street (v Taylor Swift)
  24. zneiko - Sanctuary Revealed (v Joji)
  25. Ryan Lee - Sky Full of Guys (v Coldplay)
  26. R M - Digital Love's Not Living, If It's Not With You (v Daft Punk)
  27. Tatremmy - too shy resonance (v HOME)
  28. Flareum - With or Without Robbers (U2)
  29. Miss A - Chocolate Boyfriend (v Justin Bieber)
  30. TJA Mashups - Chocolate Shelter (v Porter Robinson)