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1 Gramatik/Epigram/Room 3327
2 Richie Branson & Solar Slim/Life After Death Star/Suicidal Thoughts (Star Wars Remix)
3 Busta Rhymes/Genesis/Bounce (Let Me See Ya
4 Svinkels/Dirty Centre/Droit Dans Le Mur
5 Mega Ran & Richie Branson/Ghouls 'N Ghosts 3 The Nightmare Before Christmas/Campfire Story feat. Storyville
6 Timeless Truth/Cold Wave/Dimelo
7 Lucio Bukowski & Oster Lapwass/Oderunt Poetas/Frank Michael
8 Naughty by Nature/Fénix Remix (R2SC)/Craziest
9 One Be Lo and Bean One/The Original BORN ONES/Water Guns (Lead Is Water BORN)
10 EOW/EOW All-Star, Pt. 3
11 Richie Branson & Solar Slim/Life After Death Star/Big Poppa (Star Wars Remix)
12 Swamp Thing/Planet Murk/Firebots (feat. More Or Les)
13 9 O'clock/Wake Up/Blackout (Bonus Track)
14 Lyrics Born/Now Look What You've Done, Lyrics Born!/Pack Up Remix feat. Evidence & KRS-One
15 Lucio Bukowski & Anton Serra & Oster Lapwass/La Plume Et Le Brise Glace/Code caduc
16 C2C & LigOne/ /C2C - Arcades (LigOne Remix)
17 Lucio Bukowski & Oster Lapwass/Oderunt Poetas/In memoriam Orpheus