This week on Dying Scene Radio, Bob Noxious and Bobby Pickles speak with Tibbie X and Stephxecutioner of the Philadelphia, PA-based S&M punkers, GASH, via telephone from their new rehearsal space. Tibbie explains why the band switched directions with their previous drummer and how all fetishists are welcome - even their own bass player, who is a “furry”. Bobby inquires to what the women’s feet look like, and trying to feign his interest, deflects that he wants to gift Tibbie’s smelly socks to Bob for his upcoming birthday. Bobby admits to being glad the two didn’t have to talk to the guys in the band. SYNOPSIS OF BANTER:Bob declares himself a pirate and has the tattoo to prove it! While Bobby delivers the latest news about Blink 182, Bob delivers his thoughts about Matt Skiba and pre-pubescent 13-year old boys. Then, displaying a true lack of class, Bob busts on Bobby’s mom.While talking about an Israeli band in the news called Sweatshop Boys, Bobby asks if Bob has ever heard of Krav Maga, the self-defense system developed for the Israeli military. Bob reports that he could figure it out by watching YouTube videos, which is obviously where he gains most of his knowledge. Bobby wonders aloud why so many Swiss punk bands record/perform in English, to which Bob assures him that he could have an easy conversation with the natives. Bob is obviously ignorant to the fact that English is not one of the four national languages of Switzerland: German, French, Italian and Romansh. Talk turns to DAMN BROADS’ slick, new music video for their song “Nature of the Game”. Bobby mentions the juxtaposition of the broads’ red lipstick against the black and white images. Like a true cynic, Bob states: “People can do anything with their GoPros these days.”Bobby takes to heart the lyrics on a track by UK punkers Wonk Unit, promising to buy more band merch and music whenever he gets the chance. Conversation turns to “political season” - the recent rioting in Baltimore and the earthquakes in Nepal, then Bobby declares that there needs to be more positivity in the White House. Bob mentions a recent poll on asking about the site’s new layout. What do you think of the new DS layout?Bob mutilates the name of one of the bands from this week’s playlist: Mutoid Man. After Bobby calls him out on the error, Bob amuses himself by saying the band’s name in different comedic voices. To close out the show, Against Me’s transgendered front-man-woman Laura Jane Grace plays an acoustic cover of “I Keep Forgetting” by Michael McDonald with a Cure loop sampled as the backbeat. Bobby wonders aloud how his/her feet might look.THIS WEEK’S HEADLINESSome of the topics reported herein, include, but are not limited to the following: Matt Skiba says he hopes to become permanent member of Blink-182Fat Mike announces US Fat Tour 2015: NOFX, Lagwagon, Swingin’ Utters, moreNOFX, Lagwagon announced for “Fat Wrecked for 25 Years” celebration in JapanSwingin Utters parts ways with drummer Greg McEnteeGreen Day demoing new materialMargate release details on upcoming album “Beards In Paradise”Nuclear Assault announce final tour datesPanic State Records raise money for relief in NepalAndrew W.K. to get his radio show “America W.K.”Kickstarter for Agnostic Front documentary launchedJack Grisham (TSOL) and Susan Dynner (Punk’s Not Dead) start film Kickstarter.THIS WEEK’S PLAYLISTColors Dead Bleed - Scars that ShowSweatshop Boys - No Pity In The CityHot Blood - RustDamn Broads - Nature Of The GameGASH InterviewGASH - RitualRefused - ElektraAnti-Flag - Sky Is FallingWonk Unit - Je M’Appelle AlexLSNS LRND - AcknowledgeMutoid Man - Sweet IvyLaura Jane Grace - I Keep ForgettingThis week’s sponsor is FAT ENZO.BobNoxious@DyingScene.comTwitter@BobNoxiousIG@BobNoxiousBobbyPickles@DyingScene.comTwitter@TheBobbyPicklesIG@BobbyPicklesInstagram:@DyingSceneRadioLike us the hotline – (347)754-PUNK