This week on Dying Scene RadioBob Noxious and Bobby Pickles welcome the Denton, Texas-based ska act, The Holophonics, who are preparing to release their twelfth studio album, Don’t Mess With The Holophonics, on July 14th. You can pre-order a copy on the group’s bandcamp. The Bobs also highlight the London, Ontario pizza-punks, Wasted Potential, who just digitally released their new EP, Nervous Conditions, on Get Party Records. They are also offering a cassette version through the band’s tape label, Curt Murder Fan Club. Also, Bobby gets all political, falling prey to the pandering, incoherent blathering perpetrated by the mainstream corporate media. And nobody wants to join him down that dirty rabbit hole! Episode 21’s recurring theme: Politics-Schmolitics. SYNOPSIS OF BANTERAs the nation's political season starts taking shape, Bobby lets his political incorrectness shine through, Bob asking the unfortunate question “What soapbox are you currently standing on, Bobby?” There’s a laundry list of problems within the state of the world, but the two decide to forgo any potentially polarizing topics of discussion, opting to “keep it light”.Always one to spot genius, Bobby notices how bands can steal internet traffic from bands 100x their stature just by combining their band name and album title to match something in another band’s description. Very clever! There have been generations of bands doing it all wrong!Bob brings up being “exposed” to terrible music on terrestrial radio, citing horrible “Dad rock” of 90’s yesteryear. Bob insists that it was all “crappy” music then, and the fact that it still exists to this day on the radio is torturous. Bobby explains that it is Bob’s proximity in a southern market that indicates the station’s playlist. Eric Daino of The Holophonics joins the show, giving the Bobs a quick history lesson on the band, explaining how they have been able to release 11 albums in just three years. Discussing the blank stares they get when they have to explain the ska genre to fellow Texans, Daino acknowledges his admiration for the schleppy Top 40 band, Maroon 5, and absolute disgust of U2. Eric explains the band’s “business model” of covering popular songs in their own ska-style and releasing them on YouTube. Other discussions include touring, crowdfunding, and the world premier exclusive of a new track entitled “Frack-Off!” Check out the band’s new music video, Meteoric Rise To Mediocrity, released today!  After feeling inspired by Bob’s inept news gathering, highlighted a 5 year old article on “how to make a punk rock vest”, Bobby decides to covers an article about foreign bands and their “American equivalent”. Sometimes, we have slow news days here at the ol’ punk rawk ranch.While discussing “inside baseball” about the show, Bobby lets the cat out of the bag about a pending interview with Jello Biafra, legendary frontman of Dead Kennedys. Biafra, who collected 10 votes while running for President in 2000 under the Green Party ticket, would make a wonderful addition to the show, considering Bobby’s eagerness to polarize our listenership with politics. We’re pretty sure that Jello has a few opinions of his own. Vote Jello 2016!Up next and fresh off of band practice are the Canadian pizza-punk band, Wasted Potential. Immediately, Bob quizzes the band about hometown heroes, Bobnoxious. Surprised by the enthusiasm from a couple punk rockers who glamourize the second worst band to ever come out of The Great White North, Bob takes it as a clear indication that the air must be very thin north of the United States border. From there, the topics include guns, robberies, poor beer choices, the best pizza styles, making excuses to clear the border patrol, and WP’s upcoming date at FEST in Gainesville. As the show wraps up, the Bobs’ completely miss the mark on yet another Canadian band, referencing a slang dictionary for further clarification. Professing their ignorance for what the band “SNFU” means as an acronym, Bob warns to “stay away from definition #2”.THIS WEEK’S PLAYLISTTempleton Pek - The BlindsideMoment 22 - ReverieThe Atom Age - It's A MessBe Like Max - Sin City Rude KidsThe Holophonics - Frack Off!Entropy - PanicVersus The World - The Santa MargaritaThe Jetbirds - Scale The WallOn A Hiding To Nothing - Gag ReflexWasted Potential - Weekend At Bernice’sPRO-PAIN - Age Of DisgustDying Scene Radio is now on iTunes! (Please: Download. Listen. Subscribe. Share with your fellow punks. Rate the show. And let Bob know why the Bobnoxious band is more deserving of the name). Follow us on Instagram: @DyingSceneRadioLike us on Facebook: /DyingSceneRadioCall the hotline; tell Bob where to go - (347)754-PUNKThis week’s sponsor, as always, is FAT ENZO.