This week on Dying Scene RadioBob Noxious and Bobby Pickles say “good morning” to Pat Decline, guitarist/lead singer of the Aussie punk act, The Decline, who’s on the line from the downunder, sporting a winter beanie cap and eating a Vegemite sandwich. Pat has difficulty skirting around certain topics, as his quick witted Kiwi sarcasm becomes no match for Bobby’s powerful pseudo-intellectual questioning. The two Bobs also speak with two Jasons, when the driveling duo welcomes guitarist/lead singer Jason V and bassist Jason 3D, half of the Crystal Lake, NJ horror-pop-punk band The Jasons. They’re four mongoloid brothers who enjoy pissing people off with their immature antics and playing pure Red-Blooded American Punk Rock. They may not sound exactly how you might think they would...but we'll let you be the judge of that. Episode 22’s recurring theme: backslashes and throat slashes.  SYNOPSIS OF BANTER The Bobs plan an October camping trip in Gainesville because all of the hotels are sold out for FEST. Bobby suggests inviting The Jasons, and together, the two Bobs decide that this idea would be incredibly awesome. Then, always one to toot his own horn, Bobby informs all of the listeners, plus anyone else who will listen, that his recently published Dying Scene article entitled 10 Most Distasteful Punk Rock Band Names was #1 on the Google Analytics this week. Psychologically unable to give anyone encouragement, Bob calls Bobby out for his glaring omissions from the list, while pondering the whereabouts of the pizza delivery guy.  After playing through the first batch of songs, Bob reveals his socio-geopolitical ignorance while describing his vision of what an Israeli woman looks like in his head. Bobby is astounded by Bob's lack of knowledge, then briefly educates Bob about desert fast-food chains and the Israeli army. The consummate line stepper, Bob further divulges his clueless nature by mentioning "the Mexicans who used to work on his job site", when Bobby asks Bob where he learned all his Spanish. No wonder why everybody hates Bob. Bob lambastes Bobby for covering a news story about an upcoming heavy metal festival. Audibly disgusted, Bob tells Bobby that there’s only room for punk on Dying Scene Radio. As the onion unpeels, Bob discloses that he has a stalker, who happens to be a former metal singer. Bobby shrugs it off, declaring that Bob seems more likely to be a stalker than have one. Stereotyping obviously becomes the next topic of conversation as the Bobs connect halfway around the world with Pat from the Perth-based punk band, The Decline. Bob asks Pat if he is sick of hearing references to the iconic 80's Australian pop band, Men At Work, all while Pat eats his Vegemite on toast. While not necessarily offended by it, Pat does voice his displeasure with the classic Simpsons episode that disparages the outback. Moving past the pigeonholing, Pat explains the Australian music scene, Bob describes a Cuban sandwich, then Bobby pressures Pat for an answer to what is probably the band's most frequently asked question. Check out the full interview to find out the answer to that question, as well as the plethora of other asinine questions that the Bobs stream of consciousness. Bobby continues on with his unhealthy obsession with the "slash" as it is used in the English language. Knowing this while picking songs for the episode, Bob makes clear his correct use of syntax, informing Bobby that he will not be needing to edit him with such a heavy hand. After further probing, Bobby declares that Bob was indeed grammatically correct in his use of the backslash, to which Bob defiantly agrees.  Speaking of “slash”, next up are a couple of slashers - Jason V and Jason 3D, who join the show directly from their cabin on Camp Crystal Lake. Profanity and hilarity ensue as two Bobs blather with two Jasons, who could easily feel right at home on any stage doing stand-up comedy, but instead choose to make beautiful pop-punk music - all while donning individually decorated hockey masks ala the Friday the 13th movie franchise. The band also has a web series that they produce on a regular basis. Bobby questions the two Jasons on their "performance art" after they single handedly ruined a Doyle show by forgetting the set-list and playing out of tune guitars. Other topics visited: the challenges of playing pop/punk music in a mask, and running a “family business”.  Usually not the one to offend, Bobby disparages the Jasons’ mother. Initially shocked by the callous remark, V and 3D offer an Internet beat down, and then go on to tell about crossing the Canadian border in their fart-bus while importing their mother’s severed head. The Jasons then promise that the band will be breaking up at the conclusion of the podcast, but also claim to disband and reunite on an almost daily basis. Sounds like brotherly love to us! Please just don't call them "horror punk" or you’re dead! Make sure to check out the rest of the interview in its entirety...these guys are a fearsome. THIS WEEK’S PLAYLIST Chaos Delivery Machine - Of Mice and Men Not On Tour - Sick Of The Mess Thieves - Smoke Signals Running Like Lions - Rose Mystique The Decline Interview The Decline - The Blurst of Times The Mugwumps - Peek-A-Boo / The Hate Monger Canker Blossom - Go Fuck Yourself Man Overboard - She’s In Pictures Sass Dragons - Cup Overfloweth The Jasons Interview The Jasons - Crazy Ralph (Shut Your Mouth) Spinechain - What's The Point? 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