This week on Dying Scene RadioBob Noxious quits the show LIVE ON AIR, but not before he and Bobby Pickles welcome Gavin McInnes (Co-Founder, VICE) by way of the interwebs to discuss how punk rock helped shape his successes. An accomplished entrepreneur, writer, radio/tv host, McInnes is living proof that English majors can accomplish a lot more than just being a teacher, not that being a teacher isn’t a great accomplishment or anything. Then a new co-host jumps directly into Bob’s grave! Her name is Elena Venetia and she’s a hot, tatted, New York City punk rock chick, who does not want to be known as the “hot, tatted chick co-host” - just “co-host” (but she’s far from a feminist and wants to make that clear right now). Episode 31’s recurring theme: EVERYBODY is replaceable.THIS WEEK’S PLAYLISTDead Ahead - BerzerkerFree Children of Earth - No Broken Circles Gavin McInnes - Interview Part 1Behind Deadlines  - Office Party Less Deceived - I Used To Own A CRASS T-Shirt Chilled Monkey Brains - The Tale of Ramirez DePietro Quarter Tank - Grenades The Best of the Worst - Ctrl-ZStill Alive - Shadow Anthem Gavin McInnes - Interview Part 2Lucky Stars - All Lies The Atom Age - It’s A Mess Smokey Bastard - ArchipelagoYou can subscribe to Dying Scene Radio via RSS, on iTunes or with the TuneIn or Stitcher apps for iOS and Android. We also enjoy reading listener feedback on the air, so feel free to send us an e-mail. Or call us on the hotline - (347) 754-PUNK.Follow us on Instagram: @DyingSceneRadioLike us on Facebook: /DyingSceneRadioThis week’s sponsor is, as always, FAT ENZO.