On this 40th episode of Dying Scene RadioBobby Pickles speaks with John Holmstrom (founding editor/Punk magazine) at Howl! Happening: An Arturo Vega Project (located on the Lower East Side, NYC) during the 40th anniversary exhibition of his pioneering publication. Watch the full video interview HERE! Also, Elena Venetia is back after a bit of a hiatus as she joins Bobby “in-studio” to co-host this week’s show. TONE LO-KI joins the conversation, too. FUN FACT: Don’t step on PEARS or your shoes’ll turn to apple sauce!DISCLAIMER: Dying Scene Radio is not for the overly sensitive. If you’re easily offended by political incorrectness, curse words or sarcasm, then what are you doing listening to a punk rock podcast anyway?! All of the tracks spun and headlines reported on herein are sourced from Dying Scene, but not all of the views and opinions expressed by Bobby Pickles or guests are shared by Dying Scene.With special commentary from Pittsburgh, PA’s No Person, and Italian punks LATTE+.THIS WEEK’S PLAYLISTViolent Femmes - MemoryNo Person - The Cleavers Go CutthroatSafe and Sound - DreamSilver Snakes- GlassWeezer - King of the WorldLATTE+ - It’s OK for UsThe Casualties - Chaos SoundShip Thieves - Born into ThisBasement - Aquasun King Prawn - Smoke That ShitInterview w/ John Holmstrom (founder/Punk magazine)Megadeth - Dystopia River Oaks - Let You Down Love Is a Fist - We Want JusticePiffbreak Arcade - Road RageThe Lucky Eejits- East Bay Ratz  Ignite- You Saved MeGameday Regulars - Pale ReflectionsThe Phenomenauts - I’m With NeilLionheart - PainLetdown- I'm Not Complex, I’m Just From OneCables and Arms- Hang the Moon FORGETABOUTIT - Compete Or DieYou can subscribe to Dying Scene Radio via RSS, on iTunes or with the TuneIn or Stitcher apps for iOS and Android. We also enjoy reading listener feedback on the air, so feel free to send us an e-mail. Or call us on the hotline - (347) 754-PUNK.Follow us on Instagram: @DyingSceneRadioLike us on Facebook: /DyingSceneRadioThis week’s sponsor is, as always, FAT ENZO.