This week on Dying Scene RadioBobby Pickles and Matthew Piazza pop several Imperiales (La Cerveza de Costa Rica) bright and early on a Sunday morning, and are joined by Elena Venetia, who’s fresh off her field trip to Warped Tour. BAND SPOTLIGHT: Pickles, Piazza, and TONE LO-KI interview Mike, Sean, and Ray of metal/hardcore hybrid band, Brick By Brick (NYHC), on tour at their stop in Lake Worth, Floridumb. Plus, new music by blink-182Descendents, and Starving Wolves (feat. Leftöver Crack). THIS WEEK’S PLAYLIST Descendents - Without Love Coral Springs - Anxiety  Eternal Boy - Awkward Phase The Falcon - Black Teeth Mace Ballard - Aurora  Bottomfeeder - You’re Welcome  The Split Seconds - Cutting Out  RVIVR - Had Enough (of This Hell) Disaster Strikes - The Fighting Path  Interview w/ Brick By Brick Brick By Brick - Burden Of Life  The Ruts - Babylon’s Burning Cold Wrecks - Suburbs Please Please Me - 1991  Almost People - Bored With Booze Sudden Suspension - Pavement Dirty Outs - Ghosted Wizo - Adagio Chimp Change - No Tomorrow  Beercan! - Starting Tomorrow  Lucky United - Two Good Shoulders  Stöj Snak - Fuck! Starving Wolves - Fuck The People (feat. Leftöver Crack) blink-182 - Hey, I’m Sorry (Bonus Track) You can subscribe to Dying Scene Radio via RSS, on iTunes or with the TuneIn or Stitcher apps for iOS and Android. We also enjoy reading listener feedback on the air, so feel free to send us an e-mail. Or call us on the hotline – (347) 754-PUNK. Follow us on Instagram: @DyingSceneRadio Like us on Facebook: /DyingSceneRadio This week’s sponsor is, as always, FAT ENZO.