In what is possibly the third rehashing of animals as a theme, the best of the best rises to the top. Like an eagle. Or a really ambitious parakeet. There is noodling (like an octopus’s legs) and musing (like whatever a cat is doing in the window while staring out there). The most important part is that some amps have something called a “fatness” button and truly, the world will never be the same.

Music:Rufus Thomas - Walking the DogTV on the Radio - Wolf like MeSun Kil Moon - DogsTweak Bird - PigeonsBillie Marten - FishRetribution Gospel Choir - White WolfEvile - Killer from the DeepGroovie Ghoulies - ChupacabraSuckers - Black SheepMad River - Amphetamine GazelleMeneguar - House of CatsDan Reeder - Born a Worm