This episode is all about chilling with some background music that isn’t too obtrusive but interesting enough to warrant a “Hey, who is this band?” Playing card games, sharing some drinks, just doing homework with some buddies, or racing around a video game track all needs a soundtrack and here we have that soundtrack.
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Music:Jhfly - Squid Ethics The Deli - 5:32PMBooker T & The MGs - Time is TightKamasi Washington - Street Fighter Mas. 1Chris Zabriskie - That Kid in Fourth Grade Who Really Liked the Denver BroncosFour Tet - Teenage BirdsongAmon Tobin - Easy MuffinCrocodiles - Groove is in the Heart/California GirlsJulie Fowlis - Ribinnean Riomhach (or Beautiful Ribbons)Clams Casino - Kali YugaDance with the Dead - DiabolicKhruangbin - Maria Tambien