Jason and Amy strap on their bibs and dig into the delicious songs about food that they found at this really fancy restaurant.  The Earbuddies serve up sides of chicken ice cream topped with Mayonaise that is sure to please, so set the table and get the napkins.  Earbuddy Chris provides a challenge at the end so listen really hard to see how he is messing with us.


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The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever

The Presidents of the United States - Peaches

School Cafeteria - Weird Al Yankovic

Booker T & the MGs - Green Onions

Government Cheese - Fish Stick Day

Tim O’Brien, Dirk Powell, John Herrmann - Cluck Old Hen

Cibo Matto - Sugar Water

Smashing Pumpkins - Mayonaise

Sarah McLachlin - Ice Cream

Descendents - I Like Food

Jimmy Buffett - Cheeseburger in Paradise

Hollyn (Featuring TRU) - Alone