This week, Mitchell and Amy explore mashups and Amy’s sleepiness may have made her a bit wacky at points. Many theories of how to make a good mashup and they have a teeny episode within the episode about music theory! Enjoy the ride and fall in love with Mashups!


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Gingergreen - Gasoline Believer

Oneboredjeu - Mr. Car Radio

Dakota - Viva La Pompeii

Jumanja - Supersecretition

AnDyWuMUSICLAND! - Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You and Sia’s The Greatest and Cheap Thrills

Flosstradamus - Overnight Star

DJ BC - Could You Be Love Gamed?

Wax Audio - Stayin in Black

DJ Topcat - Folsom Prison Gangstaz

Fatlicious - Five Step

Bill McClintock - Careless Whisper in the Abyss

Girl Talk - Hands in the Air